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Riverside Medical Center Provides a Complete Range of Diagnostic CT/CAT Procedures

A CT/CAT scan is a specialized type of X-ray.  During a CT scan a patient lies on a long cushioned panel which slides in and out of a large circular donut-like opening.  A sophisticated X-ray system inside the “donut” rapidly rotates as the patient glides through the donut hole while a computer accumulates numerous images generated during the scan.  The images look like thin slices of the body. 

At times radiologists order contrast agents to be injected during a scan.  Contrast agents are iodine based fluids that are absorbed by abnormal tissue.  Since the contrast agents are only absorbed by abnormal tissue and not healthy tissue, the contrast makes it easier for doctors to see tumors or other irregularities.  There are rare risks related to contrast agents that you should discuss with the your physician before arriving for your examination. 

A CT scan cannot see tendons and ligaments very well but is very good for imaging bone structures.  It is the preferred modality for detecting cancer, abnormal chest x-rays, and pneumonia.  Bleeding in the brains, especially from an injury, is seen better with a CT scan when a brain tumor is seen better with an MRI. 

A CT scan reveals torn or damaged organs, inner ear problems, broken bones and vertebral bone damage while specific injury to the spinal cord itself is better observed with an MRI.  The decision of whether to have a CT scan or an MRI is determined by your doctor according to what he/she is specifically looking to find.

Our eight-detector GE Light Speed CT scanner provides a 30% reduction in x-ray radiation dosage to a patient when compared with four-slice scanners.

This system makes your procedure time shorter and more comfortable, as breath-hold requirements are 1/8th as long as with other systems in the area. For infant and pediatric studies, the shorter procedures and scan times greatly reduce the need for anesthesia.
Computed Tomography
Computed Tomography
Computed Tomography
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